Prawn Supply In Malaysia

We have Tiger Prawn, Ming Prawn, Prawn Meat and Vannamai Prawn

Our prawn is live frozen from the ship, there is a guarantee of freshness, why?

This is because when the prawn is still in live, we already freeze it. Freezing should take place when they are fresh, not after they have been on ais for several days, we call this quick frozen prawn. So that, the level freshness of prawn will be still maintained.  We freeze it at -30 to -35°C. It is recommend that the prawn should be cooked within a month.

Most of our prawn is from Sabah deep sea, Sabah sea is rich of good quality seafood. Every Malaysian knows Sabah is a seafood paradise. Now you no longer need to go Sabah to enjoy the seafood, you also can have it in West Malaysia.

Prawn | Udang

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