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    Mountain Farm Fruits Plt |
  • Mountain Farm Fruits Plt |
    Mountain Farm Fruits Plt |
  • Mountain Farm Fruits Plt |
    Mountain Farm Fruits Plt |
  • Mountain Farm Fruits Plt |
    Mountain Farm Fruits Plt |
  • Mountain Farm Fruits Plt |
    Mountain Farm Fruits Plt |

Malaysia Durian Deliver to your Doorstep

King of The Fruits: From Raub, Pahang

Musang King - Durian D24 - Durian Tekka - Durian Udang Merah

Mountain Farm Fruits is a platform to be created with the purpose to let every single family member can buy fruits and durian via online and deliver to your doorstep. The main purpose of this platform is to let every people of you able to buy the fair price of durian compare to others like Facebook  live bidding, super market, and wet market. We have our own long-liners production from farming, processing, packaging and delivering until to your doorstep.

We are selling any type of Durian from Raub Pahang, We have the quality check on Musang King, D24, Tekka, and others fruits. We sell it via online and we will deliver to your doorstep in whole West Malaysia.

We are originally born in Sungai Ruan, one of the famous village in farming durian in Malaysia. Why Raub Durian so famous in Malaysia, this is because the factor in terms of weather, soil, and mountain water are the key in farming delicious durian. Others state also can plant durian, but the taste will not so delicious compare to Raub, Pahang.

One more point need to address out is, planting delicious durian need the hard work from the farmer. If you can get better durian from them, it is the best way you get the quality durian. Those told you that they have from big group in farming durian, need to be very careful on that, because they totally cannot manage it. Planting durian take time, take effort, and need to take care of each to produce high quality durian.


Mountain Farm 为什么是你的首选?我们现在会以榴莲为主,迟些会卖一些进口水果,请大家耐心等待。



我们家榴莲都是直接从榴莲芭,在工厂包装,然后批发给你们,所以肯定平,靓, 正!我们也不跟直播台和其他平台比较,因为产品品质到最后会说话!不怕你不买,只怕你不敢试!不新鲜,包退!(T&C applied)





  Coverage Area 

Klang Valley - Selangor

Currently is open delivery for KL/Klang Valley area. If there is any changing in delivery, we will inform you as early as possible. 

No Minimum Order 

Purchase above RM180, Free Delivery!

Purchase Below RM 180, Shipping fee : RM 20.00


至于隆雪地区, 视订单及地区而定,我们尽量在第二天送达,如果时间有变动,我们会即刻通知,敬请谅解。没有最低消费


少过RM180.00, 邮费: RM 20.00



Currently also open delivery for Outstation (West Malaysia Only). Kindly check with our customer service first regarding your DELIVERY ADDRESS before you place order 

If there is any changing in delivery, we will inform you as early as possible. No Minimum Order 

Any Purchase Amount : Shipping fee : RM 35.00


至于外坡, 视订单及地区而定,我们尽量在第4天送达,如果时间有变动,我们会即刻通知,敬请谅解。没有最低消费

外坡一律:RM 35.00 邮费

This is Me

Hi, I am Wilson, i am 2nd generation planter in my family, we have a small farm in Sungai Ruan, Raub, Pahang. We plant durian since 1998. That time was my parents plant it, now i am taking over the farm 3 years ago. For me, it is the good when you choose the good quality durian.

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  • Mountain Farm Fruits Plt - Mr Lee KS

    Mr Lee KS

    I love Mountain Farm Durian a lot, because it is really delicious like you eat the fresh durian. Before that i m not dare to try frozen durian, but thanks for mountain farm fruits, they already change my mind and perception to the frozen durian

  • Mountain Farm Fruits Plt - Alex Chi

    Alex Chi

    I like their service, they response very fast when i have question. Not like others seller, reply us after 2 - 3 days. Anyway, will keep continue support them

  • Mountain Farm Fruits Plt - Siti Nurul

    Siti Nurul

    Aku banyak highly recommend mountain farm durian la, betul betul suka, banyak segar, aku selalu recommend kawan saya kepada mereka

  • Mountain Farm Fruits Plt - Ms Teh

    Ms Teh

    Highly recommend their durian, i like to eat in frozen type, because it like ice cream, haha..raw durian ice cream, must try it la.

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